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A diverse team attending a strategy meeting in a conference room

STGi is a mission-driven organization. From leadership guided by our principles and values to the individuals who are implementing our work, we are driven to succeed and deliver quality by all levels of the organization. We recognize that on the most crucial level, and it is the dedication of our project staff which allows us to provide exemplary services to our target populations. STGi is compiled of teams and composed of individual members who value the work they perform. Our personnel bring expertise in their respective fields and decades of dedicated experience serving program beneficiaries.  

Our passionate leadership fosters an environment where employees are excited to come to work. Individuals join STGi to deliver services and contribute to our mission. They stay because they have joined dedicated teams of driven individuals who deliver excellence in their respective fields. 

I have worked in the Education Services line of business for 10 years. I love working for STGi because I am still in the Head Start world and living my values of relationships and serving others. This position has afforded me flexibility in my schedule, paid time off, and professional development to grow and learn in my profession. STGi aligns with my values of relationships, continuous improvement, and serving and supporting under-served populations. I make a difference in helping Head Start Recipients grow strong and serve vulnerable children and families while maintaining my value of work-life balance.

- Lorri B.

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