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STGi provides comprehensive learning solutions, from initial group and web-based instruction, to in-depth, one-on-one mentoring services that focus on skill refinement and reaching full potential. Utilizing in-person and web-based instruction, our skilled training professionals engage with individuals to ensure skill refinement and integration into daily practice. Over our 19 years of experience providing Training and Technical Assistance to federal customers, STGi has demonstrated capacity to work with ethnically and linguistically diverse populations, adopt regional and national customer priorities, leverage data analysts to improve services, and nimbly adjust to beneficiary and customer needs.

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Technical Assistance

In-Person and Virtual - Leveraging cutting-edge digital tools, access to experts, and online collaboration to combine and create a program that is high-quality, cost-efficient, and produces positive outcomes.


Communities of Expertise - Facilitating communication between recipients and other experts in the field to create a forum for communal knowledge sharing and mentorship.


Tailored Services - Creating customized approaches, tailored to meet the individual training and assistance needs of each unique recipient.

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Training Programs

Virtual Training - Implementing training through interactive webinars, virtual workgroups, and large group virtual events with facilitated breakout sessions.

In-Person Training - Leading the logistics and programming for medium and large-scale in-person training conferences.

Deliver Knowledge - Providing subject matter and training specialists to create and deliver specialized training material.

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Coaching and Leadership Development

Curriculum Development - Ensuring alignment between participants' expressed needs, organizational content, and leadership competencies and proper sequencing of topics and transitions between topics for maximum learning.


Original Learning Material - Including presentations leveraging the latest technology, learning journals, leadership development plan, and handouts to support session content.


Program Delivery - Employing adult learning theories and best practices to ensure maximum learning and development for participants over each workshop.

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Data Informed Programming

Data Collection - Conducting needs assessments, accessing publicly available sources of information, collecting data and feedback directly from recipients to create a comprehensive picture of programming needs.

Leveraging Data - Continually collecting data provides insight on training and assistance topics and the respective audiences and allows trainers to create the best course of action for trainees.

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