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Providing care with excellence


Core to STGi’s mission is serving marginalized or underserved populations and positively impacting communities. Our dedication to this mission is exemplified by our 26-year history of supporting programs that serve veterans, disadvantaged youth and low-income families, immigrants, and refugees. STGi thrives in challenging environments and remote locations. Through the nearly 30 nationwide healthcare and residential facilities that we operate and over 20 nationwide sites where we provide services, STGi continually strives to support the well-being of populations that need it most. 

Examination in the Patient Room
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At the heart of STGi is 义, yi (pronounced E), the Chinese character for the moral disposition to do good. Guided by this principle, we ​are driven to serve vulnerable, at risk, and underserved populations. We foster a culture of service where staff are fulfilled by their role in helping others. STGi strives to exceed all expectations of our customers, our employees, and the populations we serve.

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