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STGi is committed to helping employees face the demands of managing work, family, and personal obligations through our flexible work arrangements. We understand that flexibility looks different based on each employee’s internal and external customers, contract support, location and position. We encourage employees to take advantage of our policies including:

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Flex time allows employees to work with their managers to choose what time they start and end their workdays. This gives our personnel freedom to move work hours around to accommodate personal obligations, such as familial responsibilities, without missing work hours.

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STGi’s compressed schedule policies permits employees to work longer hours some days of the week so they can work shorter hours on other days. For example, a staff member may decide to work four consecutive 10-hour days Monday through Thursday in order to take their Fridays off. Another common example is working four 9-hour days to work a 4-hour day on Friday. 

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Teleworking, also referred to as remote work or working away from their assigned Company-located workspace, is a flexible work policy that allows employees to perform their job outside of the traditional office co-working space. STGi’s telework policy enables our employees to work in locations across the country, regardless of our headquarters location. 

Having the ability to work remotely and to help with family emergencies is a valuable benefit.  Dealing with aging parents is challenging, but not having to miss work and not use all your PTO to deal with a family situation really provided me with security to know I can help my family and still not miss work. I was able to travel 4 hours away to help with a family emergency, work remotely for a week away from my home office and kept up with my work priorities. I only used 4 hours of PTO verses using 40 hours.

- Eric B.

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