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STGi provides results-oriented professional, technical, and administrative support for grantees across the nation through high quality programmatic, grants management, fiscal management, and data analysis services. For over 12 years, STGi has supported federal grantees by performing a wide range of grants management support and gained expertise in navigating large, federal grants program processes and systems.

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Pre-Award Support

Pre-Screening - Providing comprehensive review and pre-screening of grant applications.

Applicant Support - Supporting grantees as needed to ensure compliant applications, including collecting and verifying application data as needed.

Review - Completing comprehensive review and analysis of all supplemental amendment applications to ensure applications meet all relevant requirements. Providing support and follow- up with recipients to obtain missing information or revisions.   

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Award Phase Support

Grant Evaluation - Application review and evaluation, paneling review of applications, and developing funding slates.

Application and Award Tracking - Tracking and reviewing grant and amendment applications submitted within the grant’s project period. Tracking grant awardee status.

Communication Support - Preparing correspondences to obtain additional information and revisions, updated certifications and reports and documents as requested, and maintain the official record of files.

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Grant Recipient Support

Programmatic and Technical Support - Providing accurate and timely regulatory and policy guidance for federal grant recipients.

Financial Support - Facilitating the resolution of grant recipient audit findings and follow-up activities to ensure grant recipients take appropriate corrective action.

Administrative Support - Supporting grant recipient documentation and records keeping, ensuring relevant documents are correctly managed and tracked.

Processes and Procedures - Developing new and improving upon existing processes and procedures to support grant recipient performance.

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Grants Management

Report Review - Analyzing and reviewing grant recipient program performance reports, information, and indicators.

Monitoring - Including reviewing and analyzing grant recipient reports and status of deliverables.

Data Management and Reporting - Working within web-based data systems and business productivity software to efficiently compile and share relevant data to our customers.

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Grant Closeout

Closeout Activities - Performing award reconciliation, standard form analysis, payment management system analysis, and audit analysis.

Report Tracking - Monitoring and verifying financial closeout reports at the end of a grant period.

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