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Reaching this 25 year milestone has offered us the opportunity to reflect on how far STGi has come as a company, and touch base with our executives. Starting with our Founder, President, & CEO, Michelle S. Lee  who provides us insight into the earlier days at STGi, the challenges overcome, the company culture she's built, and the value of our mission.

Next to reflect is STGi's Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Bell. He is able to provide a unique and positive perspective of the challenges overcome as the company grows, the importance of community, and his hopes for the future.

In the third installment of our interview series we hear from the first of our VP's, STGi's Vice President of Human Resources, Marcia Euwema. She provides us insight into what makes STGi special, her outlook for the future, and her personal motto for success.

In the final installment of our interview series, we hear from Dave Gibson, STGi's Vice President of Program Operations as of September 2021. He provides us insight for maintaining resiliency in the current marketplace, his outlook for the future, and his personal motto for success.

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