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As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, we are highlighting some of our most exemplary employees. These individuals consistently demonstrate our values in action, going above and beyond our expectations as they contribute to STGi's mission to positively impact the vulnerable and underserved populations we aim to uplift.

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Kimberly Webster

Administrative Service Manager


Describe your job: I am a contractor on the STGi contract with Federal Occupational Health in the Healthcare Delivery division. I work with the federal customer to execute their annual agreements, work with customer to provide support regarding any agreement or billing concerns, act as a subject matter expert for the fiscal team and other divisions, execute monthly and year end billing close for all agreements, train new team members, and work on a variety of special projects for organization. 

What are three words that you would use to describe your team? Supportive, understanding, and cooperative

Have you grown professionally during your time with STGi? In my time with STGi, I feel I have been given the opportunity to grow as a leader. I have also been given opportunities to take on new responsibilities, which has allowed me to further enhance my professional experience.  I have been shown appreciation, been provided with support, encouragement, and opportunities through STGi that have shaped the professional I am today.


Describe your job: My job is very dynamic. Each day I perform multiple tasks such as recruiting, interviewing, training new employees, facilitating benefits and payroll, addressing HR issues, establishing client relations, credentialing compliance, as well as communicating with my management chain. 

How would you describe your team dynamic? Our dynamic is that we trust each other, are ready to work collectively, provide support, productively brainstorm ideas, and listen to other group members. 


What business leader inspires you? Tim Cook. His exceptional management strategy helped the company rise rapidly. In 2015, he had declared that once he paid for his nephew's education, he would donate the rest of his income to philanthropic projects. 

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Jorge Pantoja

Contract Coordinator

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Isamar Rosado



Describe your job: Some of the responsibilities for the position include collaborating with managers to implement a comprehensive quality assurance system for TTA for recipients, as well as delivering contracts related to the work of early childhood specialists.

How does your work impact your story?: I feel very proud to work for STG. I came to work at STG to support Head Start programs in my region, and to collaborate with others to ensure that all children and their families have high quality service and success in life. My "why" and purpose is to remain committed and motivated to positively impact my colleagues and the customers we serve; and continue to grow professionally to support others in their goals. In these eleven years, STG for me means space to grow, where we all feel included!


Describe you job: Help manage and promote healthy Outpatient Clinics in the East Coast and Central Region. We provide amazing heath care to patients.

How would you describe you team dynamic? Amazing! We are consistently checking on each other and trying to lighten each other’s load.  There is no division in regions when one area needs help.

What’s your go-to zoom background? A beach, that is where I dream to be when it is 20 below 0 in Upstate NY.

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Cari Burnell

Program Manager

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