Serving Our Customer

A primary goal of our mission is to serve our customer. Having graduated the 8(a) program in 2008, STGi has successfully grown to have the significant resources of a large business but continues to provide the hands-on, customized approach of a small business. With a tradition of building long-term relationships, we have consistently and continually earned the business of our clients and the loyalty of our employees. We have been awarded our most significant contracts multiple, consecutive times; extending for more than a decade.

Also core to STGi’s mission is to serve vulnerable, at-risk, and underserved populations. More than 1,200 professionals, or two-thirds of STGi’s staff, currently work to support this endeavor. In addition to providing critical medical services to correctional populations for nearly two decades, STGi has been providing primary care, women’s health, mental health and ancillary services to our Nation’s veterans in rural Veterans Affairs (VA) clinics since 2006. For over 16 years, STGi has also been providing critical training, technical assistance, and grants management services to Head Start programs nationwide, supporting the school readiness and healthy development of children from low-income families. Our commitment to this goal is demonstrated by the significant level of STGi staff that has supported these efforts over many years and our success in achieving results. Our people join us with a purpose, and want to make a difference – one patient, one veteran, one child at a time. 

STGi’s Overall Impact

  • Providing healthcare to a correctional population of over 15,000 in secure facilities nationwide

  • Providing healthcare to a US veteran population of over 29,000 at STGi-operated VA clinics across the country

  • Supporting over 900 Head Start and Early Head Start programs across 23 states and 6 US territories and providing training and technical assistance to over 136,000 Head Start and Early Head Start staff; impacting nearly 500,000 Head Start children, 150,000 Early Head Start children, and 10,000 pregnant women and their families

Serving the Underserved

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